2019 has begun with a grand change. A new Italian restaurant called A Milano was opened in the building of the Bossfor hotel. The restaurant offers delicious Italian meals made from locally sourced ingredients. You can enjoy pasta, pizza, original desserts and various meat dishes..

The signature feature of the restaurant is authentic Italian cuisine. A Milano Chef Roberto Armaroli was born and raised in Italy and dedicated his life to recreating his family recipes. The dining room has an atmosphere of the 80s, the design is very bright and colorful, and the food is incredibly flavorful.

A Milano is great choice for celebrating birthdays, weddings and other events — the dining room can accommodate up to 50 people. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Bossfor hotel and only a spiral staircase separates it from the rooms. This location is very convenient for guests – they can also enjoy meals without leaving their own hotel room.

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