Gardens of Victory




Where: Area 10 April


How to get there: walk for 5-10 minutes to the Genoese street


Multi-brand shopping center for lovers of chic shopping. Here gathered all the famous brands: from the Ralph Lauren brand store to the boutiques of Kenzo and MontBlanc. There are gastronomic shops for gourmets and supermarkets for daily needs. On the upper floors there is a summer lounge-zone, a restaurant complex and a concert hall. Come on your own car: you will be helped with the services of underground parking. There is a playground for families.


Gagarinn Plaza




Where: Arcadia


How to get there: on foot for 5 minutes in the direction of Arcadia


Another shopping center of the luxury segment, on the other hand - here you can find all kinds of goods. Children's boutiques, men's and women's clothing, electrical shops, household goods, cosmetic shops and pharmacies. You can relax from shopping in the restaurant or look into the attraction of virtual reality. A children's room provides a family holiday.


Arcadia Alley




Where: Arcadia


How to get there: on foot for 5-10 minutes by Genoa to Arcadia


After the reconstruction, dozens of shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafes opened all over the territory of the Arcadia Alley to the delight of tourists and holiday-makers. Here you can buy gadgets, choose a fashionable swimsuit and a new designer dress, eat ice cream or fast food, relax in a trendy restaurant and even have fun in the water park. There is also a small amusement park on the territory.






Where: Preobrazhenskaya Street


How to get there: by taxi for 15-20 minutes or on the legendary tram # 5


If you really want to imbue with the color of old Odessa - welcome to Privoz. You can easily reach the destination by taxi or by car, but it's better to take a ride on tram number 5 at least once. Today Privoz is divided into two zones - a new and old pavilions. In the old one you can easily buy the freshest Black Sea tulle, Moldovan tomatoes and fresh cheese for Greek salad. At the same time you can have fun playing in the auction. The new pavilion is a modern shopping center with branded shops for every taste: from jewelry salons to sports boutiques. On the first floor there is a cafe and a beautiful fountain with a sculptural composition, in which you can throw a coin for memory.

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