Beach Features 

Пляж Итака фото

The beach of Ithaca initially has two zones:

1. In this part there are comfortable chaise lounges, changing rooms, umbrellas, showers and tables. It is worth noting that the sun loungers were made by individual order from Italy for Ithaca.

2. Here is a chic and comfortable bungalow, where you can spend an excellent holiday. In this part there is a huge swimming pool, equipped with a modern cleaning system. It is worth noting that the pool is for both children and adults.


Facilities on the beach of Ithaca

In terms of comfort, the beach of Ithaca is very comfortable and one of the best on the entire coast of Odessa. This is an outstanding arranged pier for sea recreation, which has a developed and modern infrastructure. Everything is aimed at making you carefree in the sun and sunbathing.

Удобства на пляже Итака

Where to rest for children. Children are provided with a children's area with slides, swings, swimming pool and other amusements. Your children will not be bored for sure and you do not have to invent games for their entertainment. Here they are expected:

· Outdoor football.

· Trampoline.

· Billiards.

· Water slides in the pool.

· Game room-a maze with balls and slides.

· Children's animators.

· Screw slide and ship.

Good to know! Children are provided with a children's menu, which will also please your kids!


Водные горки в бассейн в Одессе


High technology and music. The beach area of ​​the Ithaca Club has free Wi-Fi throughout its territory. This will allow you to put on the social networks of fresh photos and selfi with friends. On the beach there always sounds easy and pleasant music, which contributes to carefree fun and pleasant communication.

Where to dance. If you want to dance to club music, then do not be shy, for this you have come to rest, to have fun and break away from everyday work. Especially since on the beach for this, all conditions are created.

Where to eat. If you are tired of the scorching sun or feel the evening coolness, then you can visit the chic restaurant ZUMMA. Here you can pamper yourself with exquisite Mediterranean and Japanese dishes, as well as discover the delicacies from Odessa and Ukrainian cuisine. The atmosphere in the restaurant is romantic and incredibly light. If desired, you can taste different types of wines from world famous manufacturers.

Comfort on the beach. To increase the comfort, you can use the services of waiters, who will bring snacks, cocktails, drinks and various dishes from the restaurant directly to your holiday destination.

Bar on the beach. To quench your thirst, which is a high probability under the influence of tormenting southern sun rays, there is a bar on Ithaka beach. Throughout the rest you can order cooling drinks for every taste.


Itaka night club

One of the features of the Ithaca beach area in Arcadia, is the Itaka night club. Here everything is done so that you can light and pretty have some fun on the dance floor. Every night discos take place here. And from Thursday to Sunday, a branded party is planned, for which the stars of the world and local variety enter.

ночной клуб Itaka у моря в Одессе


Good to know! If you are not a fan of modern music, you can pass the time on one of the dance floor under the hits of the 80s and 90s. This music will make your holiday unforgettable and will dilute your vacation with bright colors of memories of the past era.


ночной клуб Itaka у моря в Одессе


The entrance to the night club Itaka is open from 21.00 pm. This club is open from May 1 and works without stopping till September 15. The area and dimensions of the Itaka night club are so big that at the same time up to 3000 people can stay here!

Here you will find:

· Nice atmosphere.

· First-class service.

· Entertaining entertaining program.

· Performances of famous stars with their songs.

· Music from the best DJs.

· Performances of gum-club.

· Unforgettable shows.

· The Concert Hall is open to the seashore, which facilitates a pleasant sea breeze at night.

· Non-standard interior of the room in antique style.

· Incredible acoustics and much more.

All this in aggregate will fill your holiday with bright and unforgettable colors. For VIP-guests there is a separate zone with two bars. Nightclub Itaka is a real highlight of Arcadia beach in Odessa.


Prices for holidays - Ithaca beach

If you decide to spend another vacation here, then on the official site of the Itaka night club you can find out about the current prices and the cost of various services. Just note that the prices on weekends and weekdays are different. Also the cost of visiting the club and the beach of Ithaca will be different during the holidays.

So, if you decide to have a rest in the beach complex Itaka, then the cost of the visit includes:

· Umbrella.

· Chaise lounge.

· Bathroom.

· Shower.

· Pool.

· Indoor beach.

· Cloakroom for men and women.


отдохнуть в пляжном комплексе Itaka

Interesting is the fact that on weekdays from Monday to Thursday I operate fixed prices:

· Deckchair - 250 UAH.

· Topchan - 800 UAH.

· Bungalow - from 900 UAH.

From Friday to Sunday, the administration has the right to change these prices, so if your vacation falls on these days, then first find out how much additional services cost.


How to get to Ithaca beach

Ithaca beach in Odessa is located at the following address: Arcadia Beach, 4, Odessa. Get to the railway station to him you will not make much trouble. There are several transport lines:

1. The route taxi with numbers: 198, 168, 129 and 115.

2. Trolleybus number 5 or 13.

3. Tram number 5.

4. The taxi will pick you up and take you from anywhere in Odessa.

So, if you want to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of lightness, then be sure to visit the beach complex of Ithaca. Rest here is not served in comparison with anything. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to relax. It costs any money! You can make sure of this yourself by looking at the photo in this article and personally visiting Itaka beach.

Карта проезда в Ибицу Одесса

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