Features of the beach complex Ibiza

Ibiza is a real paradise for holidaymakers. This place is loved by Odessa citizens, and they certainly know that in their city deserves special attention.

Пляж Ибица в Одессе фото


The beach of Ibiza is filled with everything necessary for a good rest. You can go to this beach even with your kids. For them, a specially prepared children's area is provided, on which there are:

· Inflatable slides.

· Labyrinths.

· Swimming pool and more.

Everything is aimed at ensuring that your vacation with children does not turn into hard labor, and you can take everything from rest. Among other things, the beach is always playing nice music, which has a good mood.


бассейн с шезлонгами в Одессе у моря


Не менее интересно на пляже будет и взрослым. Здесь открываются такие возможности:

· Scooter rent.

· Riding on a banana.

· Night club.

· A bar with cooling drinks.

· Restaurant with dishes from the best chefs.

Так, на пляже предусмотрено аж 4 бара, что исключает скопление очередей. На самом пляже имеется до 198 шезлонгов и столиков. Это гарантирует вам приятный и комфортабельный отдых, принимая ванны нежного южного солнца. Чтобы освежиться, можно поплавать в бассейне или заказать вкусный охлаждающий коктейль.


вид на бассейн в Ибице Одесса


Также на пляже имеется ресторан, в котором можно отведать блюда одесской, украинской и не только кухни. Эксклюзивная кухня не оставит вас равнодушным, а отдых сделает сказочным.


Какие удобства есть на пляже

Возможно ли представить себе отдых на море без наличия дискотеки? Безусловно, что нет! Так, на этом пляжном комплексе есть ночной клуб с одноименным названием Ibiza. Здесь вы ощутите европейский уровень обслуживания и посетите отличное комфортабельное помещение. В этом месте играет музыка популярных исполнителей, которая содействует драйву, танцам и новым знакомствам.

Удобства и комфорт. Для «белых» людей, любящих комфорт и удобства, на пляже работает чистый и опрятный туалет и душевая, что является немаловажным. Пляж заполнен пальмами, а имеющийся бассейн по периметру засажен цветами. Между топчанами деревянный помост. Все это создает приятную атмосферу.


пирсы в Одессе на пляже фото


Where to take a walk. There is a place for a walk on the pier. There are white benches and fencing made of rope. There must be a lifeguard who will provide first aid in case of unforeseen situations.

The cons of the beach. For the sake of objectivity, it is worth emphasizing and minus the beach of Ibiza. If you rented a chaise longue near the pool, then go to the sea far away. Plus, about 20 meters of shallow water. If you want to dive, then go far.

Where can I put out. Often, there are organized daily parties and glamorous parties. Therefore, you can see a large number of girls with makeup and heels. Beach furnishings help to make snaps and pictures for their placement in social networks.


Ibiza Beach Club - the heart of the beach!

Of course, the night club Ibiza Beach attracts all the fans to actively move on the dance floor. It is worth noting that he competes with one of the best arcade clubs "Itaka". The night club opens on the 26th of May.


клубы в Ибице Одесса фото


Opening. As a rule, a star comes to the opening, for example, the level of Roger Sanchez, the legends of American house music. Also at the opening there are DJs who lead the entire holiday season in Ibiza. The entrance to such events is paid.

Music and dancing. In addition, pop stars come here, for example, "Time and Glass", "Beasts", Dana Balan and others. Their hits will light the night sky of the arcade in all colors. You will be able to fully relax, dancing on your favorite hits and see your idols at arm's length.


как выглядит клуб Ибица в Одессе


Interior. Do not leave indifferent any passer-by club, built in the form of a large anthill with pink doors, white walls decorated with blue tiles. Neon sconces and lighting on the tables create a special atmosphere in the club. In general, there is the impression of a labyrinth, stuffed with sound and light equipment, flat TVs, through which the famous entertainment channels are broadcast.


Одесская Ибица интерьер клуба


The dance arena. It is relatively small, so most of the people are watching the performances of the coming pop stars.

Reservation of tables. Club Ibiza Beach is constantly crowded, a poet for his visit, you need to book a table in advance. Especially it concerns weekends and holidays.

For connoisseurs of art. For connoisseurs of live music, you can enjoy a living sound that fills the entire beach with its beautiful sound.


How much is the rest in the club Ibiza (Odessa)

From Monday to Thursday the following prices are set:

  • Deckchair by the pool 400 UAH.
  • Deckchair on the beach 150 UAH.
  • Tent or soft area 1200 UAH.
  • Towel and luggage room 80 UAH.

Starting from Friday and inclusive until Sunday, the cost for these services changes in the big direction:

  • Deckchair by the pool 300 UAH. and 100 UAH. on the beach.
  • Tent or soft playground 3000 грн.
  • Soft platform VIP level 1500 UAH.
  • Luggage storage 150 UAH.

To reserve a place, you can find out how much it costs at the moment that or another service is available on the official site of Ibiza beach complex.


How to get to Ibiza beach and where to stay

The address of the beach complex is simple: the beach of Arcadia, central Alley, Odessa. To get to this place of rest is relatively simple. There are several ways from the railway station:

  • Shuttle taxi. Rooms 198, 168, 129 and 115.
  • Trolleybus. Two numbers: 13 and 5.
  • Tram number 5.
  • Taxi or uber will take you from anywhere in Odessa to Ibiza.

 Карта проезда в Ибицу Одесса

Image: How to get from Arcadia to the hotel BOSSFOR


You can stay near the club in the Hotel Odessa by the sea BOSSFOR, which has rooms of different price categories. There are also many other decent hotels and hostels.

So, if you have planned a holiday in Odessa, then definitely visit the beach complex of Ibiza. 

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