Surprisingly, Arcadia manages to organically combine two hypostases. There is still the spirit of that old Odessa, where the locals liked to walk slowly, make appointments, sit with long conversations for a cup of the strongest Turkish coffee, sunbathe on a crowded beach and meditate, looking at the screams of gulls on leaden waves in the winter.

Arcadia photo in Odessa

Figure . A view of the Odessa Arcadia


In the new, modern Arcadia on the promenade, it is very beautiful and in a European way, in the afternoon there are a lot of tourists and Odessa residents, hundreds of shops are open, cafes are teased with appetizing smells, in the air there is an atmosphere of rest, relaxation, enjoyment of life. With the onset of the evening, social life in Arcadia intensifies at times, everything shines with neon lights, young people gather, music sounds.

how did Arcadia change photos in Odessa

Figure . How Odessa's Arkady has changed

A visit to Arcadia is inevitable for a tourist, no matter how he resisted the general flow and did not try to stand out from the crowd. What to say about visitors, if the people of Odessa themselves sincerely love this place, favorably perceive all the stages of accomplishment and note that, yes, of course, Arkady has changed, built up, but has become so interesting and classy, ​​no worse than the Promenade des Anges in Nice and the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes.


The most interesting places to visit in Arcadia

Of course, Arcadia has more to aimless walks, pleasant idle wanderings around the beautiful district. It is not customary to hurry and fuss, strictly follow the intended course, many often stop to rest, take a photo, consider something more. This is how the hours of walks through Arcadia should take place - in serenity, relaxation, rest.

However, there are a couple of such interesting places in Arcadia that you should definitely visit them.


Health Route

The route of health - the famous 5 kilometers from Arcadia to Lanzheron, which in recent years have significantly changed, have become well-maintained.

health route in Arcadia photo

Figure . Health Route in Arcadia

Here you can walk, on the way to drink delicious tea, admire the sea views, breathe in curative air, or rent a bicycle or rollers - by the way, there is a dedicated band for cyclists on the road, or ride an electric car. In any case, such a walk diversifies rest in the city, will give strength and health.


Hawaii Water Park

Strangely enough, but at sea resorts, water parks are in great demand - Hawaii in Arcadia is a direct confirmation.

"Hawaii" - this is the coolest slides, wave pool, a corner for small and slow river for those who do not like extreme. But if you need emotions and a splash of adrenaline, then the rides "Rocket", "Windigo", "Slide", "Boomerang" will help to experience the horror and joy at the same time. The turns and speeds in them are steep not like children, but, of course, everything is thought out from the point of view of safety of life and health.

Arcadia Aquapark Hawaii

Figure . Aquapark "Hawaii" in Arcadia

In Hawaii, there is a place to eat, relax, sunbathe and swim in the pool.


Art Cafe "Marzipan Mafia"

"Marzipan mafia" is not just a cafe, where they are tasty in a good atmosphere, but also a mecca in Arcadia for all fans of the fascinating game of the Mafia. The art cafe chip is only gaining momentum, not every city can boast of the correct performance of all the requirements of such establishments. "The Marzipan mafia" in Arcadia is open recently, but there is already a circle of regular customers who will not exchange a game evening in a friendly atmosphere for other pleasures.

The cafe has a presenter who will add intrigues and will gladly tell you the rules of the game, because the marzipan mafia is a bit more complicated than the classical one, here you need to keep more information in mind.

If you are a fan of board games, you know how to do an impenetrable person, how to keep partners in suspense and expectation, then the art cafe "Marzipan mafia" will not disappoint.

You can come to the cafe and just sit by a friendly company, chat, relax in a pleasant atmosphere.


Cafe «Roastery by Odessa»

The restaurant in Arcadia "Rostery" is a must-see place in Arcadia, if you do not think your day without a cup of real coffee and you know who the barista is, you can taste the coffee of strong roasting from the middle, like hookahs and generally not a gourmet only in the meal plan, but also in the environment, service, interior.

The network of restaurants "Rosteri" surprises its visitors with a professional approach to many things.

Rostery Restaurant

Figure . Restaurant "Rosteri" in Arcadia

For example, here the barista masterfully fries the best sorts of coffee and achieves an excellent result, and this is a very difficult task. For those who like to experiment or try everything new, they can offer unusual or non-standard options for brewing coffee.

Open kitchen - another "Roster" chip, which is very popular with visitors. Firstly, the guest sees how his dish is prepared, what foods are being taken, what is the technology. Secondly, such cooking is a kind of show, entertainment.

In the cafe "Roastery by Odessa" a mixed cuisine, serves local, European, Pan-Asian and Japanese cuisines, serving and serving are in the right style.


Nocturnal Arcadia in Odessa: where to go to rest?

The night life in Arcadia is so gay and active that you can not shut yourself up at any one institution, but just walk along the promenade, drop into the bars you like, go to the beach and see a completely different Arcadia. It will be a real extravaganza from the bright neon light of advertising, signage and decoration of clubs.

What is interesting is the night walk through Arcadia - you can really relax, occasionally stay in noisy spots, look at the nocturnal sea, listen to the rustle of palm trees from a light refreshing night breeze. There is a completely unusual feeling of freedom, a desire to break away from reality and plunge into the special world of the night life of the sea resort. Here literally everything says that it's time to leave problems and thoughts, just enjoy every moment and wonder in a good way how daytime Arcadia differs from night.

Being in Odessa and not visiting the famous Arkadia nightclubs is an unforgivable mistake for every holidaymaker. These are famous places, which in their drive and expression are quite comparable with world famous discotheques at the largest resorts.



Ithaca is the most popular and oldest club in Arcadia. The design of the club is sustained in Greek tones - where, if not in ancient Greece, understood the sense of pleasure? The club in two levels accommodates up to 3,000 visitors, there are several dance floors, a restaurant, a concert hall, bar counters and VIP zones.

Ithaca Club

Figure . The Ithaca Club in Arcadia



"Ibiza" - a serious competitor to the youth Spanish resort, where the scale of nightlife affects even the inhabitants of megacities. "Ibiza" in Arcadia is a fashionable place where rest does not stop for a minute. The club has a swimming pool, a private beach equipped with sun loungers, bars with delicious and original cocktails, a restaurant.

Club Ibiza in Arcadia

Figure . Club Ibiza in Arcadia



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