Arcadia is a time trouble for all Odessa parties. Beach, club, bohemian, fatal, pop. In total, 10 minutes walk along the alley or the Health Route in summer, you can visit at once a dozen absolutely different by atmosphere and budget evenings - from luxury concerts of world stars to soulful covers in the company of local musicians. We made for our guests a small selection of the best and closest clubs to the hotel, which will help you to taste the nightlife of Odessa.

If you are going on vacation, then the first thing you need to do is collect the suitcase. And here there is a danger of falling to the extreme: too many things or, conversely, a little. So that you can feel comfortable on vacation at the sea comfortably, we offer you 10 recommendations for what you should take with you.

Odessa is a Ukrainian Milan in terms of shopping. There are also expensive boutiques of famous designers, and the world famous "7km", and adorable picturesque Privoz. In Odessa, you can buy everything: real Italian shoes, French underwear, German cars, Swiss watches, Chinese silk, Ukrainian embroideries and even true Egyptian and Turkish souvenirs. We have collected for you a selection of shopping centers in 5-10 minutes from the hotel complex Bossfor, where you can glance on the way to the beach or returning from a business meeting to find the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Do you plan your holiday for the upcoming holiday season? For many Ukrainians and not only in recent years, the main place for recreation is Odessa. Within the city limits, the beach area has a length of up to 30 km, on which there are many well-equipped beaches for quality holidays. One of the most popular beaches is Ithaca in Arcadia. This is the most developed and modern place for the many tourists of Odessa.

Come to Odessa and do not go to the beach - it's almost a crime. Each tourist simply must find at least an hour in his busy schedule to plunge into the atmosphere of the hot, noisy, tanned Odessa beach community. We have collected for you a selection of the best Odessa beaches, which can be reached in just 5-10 minutes from the hotel complex Bossfor.

For many years, Odessa has attracted thousands of holidaymakers with its magic and a special atmosphere in the city. But special attention deserves beaches and beach complexes, located on a 30-kilometer coastline. Among all the beaches stands out Arcadia, which is constantly evolving and is pleased to present to tourists unforgettable moments of rest. One of the popular beach complexes of Arcadia is Ibiza beach.

Arcadia in Odessa has long become a city in the city, a separate resort on the map of the sea coast. It attracts and attracts all who come to Odessa, even exclusively on business.

The Arcadia area includes a walking and entertainment zone, the eponymous beach is the central, convenient and most popular among Odessa residents and visitors, a mini town of elite high-tech skyscrapers, dozens of cafes, restaurants, clubs and bars.

Все хорошо в поездке на море на своем автомобиле: багаж бесконечных нарядов, ограниченный только потолком машины, свобода перемещений в поисках идеального пляжа или самых вкусных кафе, бюджет путешествия и романтика!

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