For those who like to be photographed - an amazing thematic photo zone and professional photographer. And everyone who wishes can give a special zest to his image by drawing a chic aquagrim! Yes, yes, we thought about it!


Dear friends, I invite you 28.10 at 18.00 to the restaurant BOSSFOR for the evening of HALLOWEEN !!!




- Holiday menu


- Free Aquagrim


- Free treats


- Thematic Photozone and many others


Waiting for you!


You can reserve a table and find out the details by calling: 705 87 99


Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. Few people know what this celebration is about. In the Halloween, the Celtic tradition of celebrating evil spirits and the Christian worship of all saints are interwoven in an interesting way. At the heart of this holiday lies the belief that at that time the souls of the dead visit their previous homes to warm themselves by the fire. They roam around, collecting food and drink donations from the rest of the family. The souls of the dead could take on different forms - the wicked were planted in animals.

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